Sebago infuses its inimitable style everywhere, from the largest megacities with the Citysides loafers, to the teak decks of marinas with the Docksides boat shoes, to the earthy emotions of the countryside with the Campsides models. Timeless shoes for every occasion.

Get the Docksides, Campsides, and Citysides look


Created in 1946, the hand-sewn "Dan" moccasin from our Citysides line is the first shoe produced by Sebago. The name is a tribute to Daniel J. Wellehan Sr. who was one of the founders of the brand.

Designed in Italy and made in Mexico, Citysides moccasins combine preppy New England style with the unmatched comfort of a handcrafted shoe.

  1. Iconic beefroll stitch detail.
  2. A refined, elegant and timeless line, from John F. Kennedy to Pharrell Williams.
  3. Penny loafer slit.
  4. Welt-stitched sole, an artisanal technique that ensures the shoe's exceptional longevity.
  5. Smooth and resistant leather that develops a patina over time.

How to wear your Citysides?

Because Classic Dan loafers adapt to your foot (and not the other way around), wear them everywhere and with everything. With a suit and tie, they look formal and can be worn with thin socks. With chino pants and a polo shirt, we appreciate their casual elegance and their incomparable comfort in everyday life, even barefoot.

But also discover our version of the tassel loafer with the WILL:

A very dressy model to go even further in the classic or very eccentric style according to the registers. The Will is worn with a suit or dress pants. But be careful, it is not always adapted to professional environments in which it is preferable to privilege sobriety, because too dressed; in this context, prefer the Dan loafer.


In 1970, the marketing of the "Portland", the very first model of the Sebago Docksides line, paid tribute to the port of the American city. Adopted by water sports enthusiasts and city dwellers alike, they combine craftsmanship and technology for outstanding durability.

Designed in our Dominican Republic factories with the highest quality craftsmanship, the "Portland" Docksides are a must-have for sailors... and urbanites.

  1. Leather laces in corrosion resistant brass loops.
  2. Soft, ridged rubber outsole that adheres to all surfaces, in all weather, without leaving a trace.
  3. Lightweight construction: only 400 grams.
  4. Hand stitching that has always been there.
  5. Water, wind and salt resistant leather.

How to wear your Docksides?

At the limit of sportswear and classic footwear, the model has a modern character, anchored in the trend of vintage and modernity.

The iconic boat shoe is available in a multitude of colors, from the most sober to the most pop.

Worn barefoot with Bermuda shorts or linen pants, they sprinkle their nautical heritage on urban silhouettes while their technical performance makes them a must-have for any trip to the sea. Revisited in a street style, we dare to associate them with sporty socks. You can wear them in summer as well as in winter!


After the city and the sea, the Campsides line, the latest to join the trilogy of iconic Sebago shoes, is a modern tribute to Native American tribes and blends ancestral lines with cutting-edge technology.

Designed for the great outdoors, our Campsides models are the footwear of choice for modern-day adventurers and benefit from all the historical mastery and craftsmanship of Sebago.

  1. Stitched natural leather for a resistant and racy line.
  2. Traditional "rolled stitch" sewing that resumes the design of Native American shoes.
  3. Thick, notched EVA outsole for perfect grip on wet or dry ground.
  4. Durable leather laces celebrate Sebago heritage and craftsmanship.

How to wear your Campsides?

With their wild lines, Campsides complement powerful silhouettes and off-road styles that emphasize natural materials. Raw denim, virgin wool or corduroy will match its adventurous aura, whether in the city or the country, and turn every silhouette into an invitation to travel.

Whether it's the high or low version, the Campsides are the ideal accessory to transform a look that's too classic or too wise into a very sharp fashion style.

Wear them with long rolled-up or loose jeans, a pair of wool socks and a plaid shirt!