From waxing to cleaning, depending on the material, our perfect CARE GUIDE gives you the best advice on how to take care of your SEBAGO shoes like a cobbler.

The MAINTENANCE GUIDE allows you to keep your shoes in good health. Take care of them!

SEBAGO selects the best leathers and high quality materials. The brand pays special attention to detail to create technical and resistant models.

In extreme cases, opt for a professional repair.

Our shoes are made to last and need regular care.
We want to help you keep them in the best condition for as long as possible.

Shoemakers can offer quality services for partial repair, reshoeing, shoe polishing and maintenance on our Citysides range. However, the responsibility for these repairs is not the responsibility of the brand and we ask our customers to ensure the quality of the service.

SEBAGO also offers to its customers, as a replacement for used boat shoe laces, leather laces available in different colors depending on stock availability.


For SUEDE and NUBUCK models:

Remove dust with a brush to free the fiber from dust and dirt. You can leave the laces on your shoes. You can use a specific spray for chamois leather. After application, wait a good hour until the product is completely dry. Again, brush the skin. If your shoes are getting old or rough, rehydrate the leather with a renovation spray. Finish by waterproofing if your shoes are often used or exposed to the rain

For models in SMOOTH LEATHER Docksides:

You can leave the laces on your shoes. Remove dirt and dust with a white brush and a little warm water. With a dry brush, spread a colorless cream in circular motions and remove the excess in linear motions with a wide brush. Apply the colorless wax with a cloth in circular motions. Let dry!

For the models in SMOOTH LEATHER Citysides:

First of all, place a shoe in your moccasin to keep its shape. Then remove dirt and dust with a white brush and a little water. With a dry sponge, spread a cream in circular motions and remove the excess with a wide brush in linear motions. Finally, apply wax (colored or colorless) with a cloth in circular movements. Let dry for about an hour.


Waxed leather is resistant to salt water. It will be necessary to clean with clear water after each use in sea water in order to remove the salt of the leather which risks to attack it, to make it hard and to bleach it. After cleaning, apply the shoe polish all over the shoe to protect the leather with a cloth and circular movements.